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Postingan ke 100

Ini adalah postingan ke 100 dari blog Belajar bahasa Inggris mandiri.
Satu pertanyaan di benak saya hari ini, mana yang lebih mudah? To make our society speak English or to Internationalise our Language?
The first choice seems easier, but we need stick out for this. We hope there will be a collective awareness to learn English, not just as a second language, but as a tool to build our nation. Provisionally we depend on this language, but not forever. Maybe one day Bahasa Indonesia will be one of International Language. So keep in learning and make progress.
Are U English enough?


Suatmaji said…
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dHie-yaN'z Blog said…
belajar bahasa inggris gratis nie.. thank you
Wow! A blogging century! Keep up the good work!
andri said…
emang mau posting nyampe berapa ?
el_rahman said…
wooowww.. keren!!
thanks you.. sangat berguna sekali..