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Latihan soal untuk kata kerja Transitif dan intransitif

Tentukan mana  dari kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini yang bisa diubah menjadi kalimat pasif
  • Sony stayed in a hotel last week
  • That newspaper belongs to Mr Jack
  • The carpenter fixed the door
  • An accident occured at Lousiana
  • A cat bit a chicken
  • Does people speak English ?
  • The teacher announced the examination
  • The air plane arrived two ours ago
  • I do not agree wit Joe
  • The childrean play football in the yard everyday
  • John went to the hospital
  • Something happenend on the middle of the town
  • I see the picture
  • Dicky felt to the river
  • She always walk around the city
  • I did not listen the scream last night
  • Ryan did not sleep well last night
  • Can you swim over the river ?
  • He bought a book
  • He was sitting on the beach when I saw him yesterday
  • The water flows from the river
  • Will you clean the floor ?
  • The goalkeeper caught the ball
  • It cost $200
  • I am happy when she laughed
  • The man disappeared two minutes after the accident
  • Andi become angry with her
  • The office provides internet for everyone
  • Wang did not have a dictionary
  • The book consist of many knowledges
Ingatlah bahwa kalimat yang tidak bisa diubah menjadi kalimat pasif artinya kalimat tersebut memiliki kata kerja INTRANSITIF / kata kerja yang digunakan adalah kata kerja INTRANSITIF.



Kata kerja transitif dan intransitive memang membingungkan. yang saya inget kata kerja intransitive tidak bisa dipakai dalam kalimat passive voice, benar tidak?