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Latihan soal untuk pelajaran 99

Kalimat-kalimat komparatif dan superlatif di bawah ini mengandung beberapa kesalahan. Coba analisa dan perbaiki kesalahan tersebut :

  • Jakarta is largest city in Indonesia.
  • Mr. Joko speaks the most clearly than Mr. Fandy.
  • Madiun is large than Lumajang.
  • Lupita's knife was as sharper from Killian's.
  • I like Indonesia food more better than European food.
  • Old shoes are usually more comfortable that new shoes.
  • English is the most widely used language from the world.
  • My brother is younger in the family.
  • Java island is the larger from Singapore in land area.
  • My jacket is  more comfortable as my shoes.