Pelajaran 77 : GERUND

Gerund adalah kata kerja yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda.

Contoh : I enjoy listening to music.
Listening pada kalimat di atas terbentuk dari kata kerja Listen + ing

Pada kalimat di atas :
I adalah subyek
Enjoy : Predikat  (berupa kata kerja)
Listening : Gerund >>>kata kerja yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda, dalam hal ini listening berposisi sebagai obyek dari kata ENJOY

Penggunaan 'ing" pada pembentukan Gerund memang mirip dengan penggunaan "ing" pada kalimat yang menggunakan Present Progressive / Present Continuous tense.

Pada Present progressive : I am listening to the music right now . Pada kalimat di samping "am listening" menyatakan suatu pekerjaan yang sedang dilakukan sekarang.

Jadi perbedaannya sebagai berikut :
Gerund :  Subyek + Kata kerja + gerund (kata kerja+ing) >>> obyek dari kata kerja
Present Progressive : Subyek + to be (am, is , are) + kata kerja + ing

Bagaimana Gerund digunakan ? Gerund umumnya digunakan setelah kata kerja sebagai berikut :

ENJOY : I enjoy eating sea food
FINISH : I finished studying at midnight
STOP : She stopped running two hours ago
QUIT : Don't stop learning English
MIND : Would You mind helping her mother ?
POSTPONE : I postpone doing my homework
PUT OFF : I put off doing my homework
KEEP : Keep studying, don't quit learning
KEEP ON : Keep on training, it will be Ur time.
CONSIDER : She consider going to England
THINK ABOUT : I'm thinking about writing a book.
DISCUSS : They discussed buying a new car
TALK ABOUT : He talked about moving the office.

Contoh bentuk negatif dari GERUND : She consider not going to England

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Terimakasih atas tips nya ,, bagus,,,

Anonymous said...

mau nanya dong kaya gini gimana ya !!! :)
VI.Combine these two sentences into adjective clause and participial phrase.
1. The test was written by a professor. The test was very difficult.
2.The man is reading a newspaper. He is my uncle.
3.The program was interesting. The program was presented by a famous artist.
4.He bought the stereo. The stereo had been advertised at a reduced price.