Latihan soal untuk pelajaran 94

Dalam soal-soal berikut ini ada dua kalimat. Ubah kalimat ke dua menjadi bentuk klausa adjektiva sehingga kedua kalimat bisa menjadi satu.

  1. A kangaroo is an animal. This animal lives in Autralia.
  2. I have a lesson. It begins at 9.00 P.M
  3. The bus is always crowded. I take it to the office every morning.
  4. The river is polluted. It flows through town.
  5. The tea was too sweet. I had it yesterday.
  6. All the people can come. I asked them to my party.
  7. I lost my bag. I bought it in Africa.
  8. The books helped me a lot. I borrowed them from school library.
  9. The computer is shopisticated. I bought it.
  10. I saw the train. It hit the car near the station.

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