Latihan lanjutan untuk Klausa Adjektiva

Ada beberapa kesalahan dalam setiap kalimat di bawah ini, coba analisa dan perbaiki kalimat -kalimat dalam latihan berikut :
  1. The girl was nice that I met las week.
  2. The magazine wich I bought it at the book sore was very cheap.
  3. The policeman was angry whose motorcycle was stolen.
  4. I met a man who his wife is a famous film star.
  5. The teacher teaches Math is very clever.
  6. Do you know the people who lives in that house ?
  7. The people who I met them in the library yesterday were interseting.
  8. I enjoyed the music which we listened to it.
  9. The boys which live next to me are footballer.
  10. I wrote a thank you note to the people who I visited their house on Christmas.

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