Latihan soal untuk pelajaran 95

Kombinasikan dua kalimat berikut ini. Gunakan kalimat ke dua sebagai klausa adjektiva. Cobalah untuk menghilangkan object pronoun (whom, which, that) jika diperlukan.

  • The market has fresh fish. I usually go to it.
  • I met the people. You told me about them.
  • The dress is made of silk. Jean is wearing it.
  • Here is the picture. You asked me about it.
  • The university is in Japan. I want to go to it.
  • The class begins at 7.00 P.M. I must prepare for it.
  • The plane leaves at 8.00 am. I am taking it to Osaka.
  • The sugar was spoiled. I put it in my tea.
  • The movie was interesting. We went to it.
  • The mangoes was too ripe. My sister bought them.

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