Pelajaran 104 : Penggunaan Superlatif dalam Comparative degree

Superlatif digunakan untuk memberikan perbandingan atas sesuatu dibandingkan dengan beberapa hal yang lain.

Makna perbandingan superlatif :

  • Paling (besar, tinggi, kuat, banyak, dll) diekspresikan dengan The ......est / The most......
  • Paling (kecil, sedikit) diekspresikan dengan The least.....yang merupakan kebalikan dari The most.
Bentuk perbandingan superlatif :

1. Superlative + in a place (tempat) > in the class, in the room, in the world, in the school, etc
  • Yari is the tallest boy in this class.
  • Pasirian is the smallest city in the world.
  • Billy is the most dilligent worker in the corporation.
2. Superlative + Adjective clause
  • Nelson Mandela is the most inspiring leader that I have ever known.
  • The exercise on mountain was the hardest session they had ever had along the competition.
  • "What a wonderful world" by Louis Amstrong is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.
3. Superlative + of all
  • There are three cars, but the blue one is the best of all.
  • One of the five girls is the most beautiful of all.
  • He has a lot of books, but this one is the thicker of all.
Untuk ekspresi The least digunakan dengan cara yang sama dengan contoh di atas.
  • The final exams in English was the least difficult of all.

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