Reading and Listening : The Tea Master and The Swordsman

BBIM Friends, bacaan dan video berikut ini adalah sebuah kisah inspirasi tentang seorang ahli teh dan seorang ahli pedang dari Jepang. Kisah inspirasi ini cukup menarik untuk kita renungkan dan akan memberikan kita sebuah pemahaman tentang arti ketekunan dan fokus.

Bangsa Jepang yang menjadi latar blakang dalam kisah ini merupakan bangsa yang mempunyai kebiasaan untuk mendalami suatu bidang dengan fokus sangat luar biasa. Nanti BBIM Friends bisa melihat bagaimana profesi sebagai seorang penyaji teh bisa memberikan sebuah nilai kehidupan yang sangat luar biasa bila dilakukan dengan sepenuh hati dan totalitas yang sempurna. Setiap keahlian dan profesi bisa mencapai tingkat seorang master bila dilakukan dengan tekun dan sepenuh hati dengan tingkat konsentrasi yang luar biasa apapun bidangnya. Dan setiap keahlian dalam sebuah bidang akan berlaku sama pada bidang yang lain. Apa yang dikatakan oleh Malcolm Gladwell tentang kaidah 10.000 jam menjadi relevan dalam kisah ini.

Pertama-tama yang BBIM Friends lakukan adalah coba membaca kisah ini beberapa kali dan coba renungkan maknanya.
One who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in every action.
The famous story of the tea master and the ronin sheds some interesting insight into this concept:
At the insistence of Lord Yamanouchi the daimyo of Tosa Province, a reluctant tea master was taken to Yedo (Yedo is the feudal name for the modern city of Tokyo.) on an official trip attired in samurai garb, including the two traditional swords of the warrior class. While running an errand for his master in the city, the tea master was accosted by a ronin (A ronin is a masterless samurai, literally a wave man (one who is tossed about like the waves on the sea). Lacking a benefactor, many ronin took up criminal endeavors to support themselves.). Since he was by himself and dressed beyond his station, this was exactly the thing the tea master feared might happen.
At first, he was so scared that he was unable to speak, yet was finally able to admit that he was not really a samurai. Upon discovering that his opponent was merely a tea master and not a fearsome warrior, the ronin was more determined than ever to take his money. The ronin declared that it would be an insult to the tea master’s province if he did not defend his honor. The tea master replied, “If you so insist, we will try out our skills, but first I must finish my master’s errand. Then I will return tomorrow morning for a duel.”
The ronin agreed and the tea master rushed to complete his errand so that he could talk with the master of a local dojo before his fateful meeting with the ronin. He intended to ask the sword master how he might die in the manner befitting a samurai. The sword master was taken aback by the question, saying, “You are unique. Most students come ask me how to use a sword. You come to me asking how to die. Before I teach you the art of dying, please serve me a cup of tea.”
Forgetting about his impending catastrophe, the tea master prepared tea in the manner he always did—as if there were nothing else in the world that mattered except for serving the tea. Deeply moved by the tea master’s intense, but natural concentration, the sword master exclaimed, “That’s it! That very state of mind is what you will need tomorrow when you go to meet the ronin. First think of serving tea to an honored guest and act accordingly. Draw your sword and close your eyes. When you hear his kiai (spirit shout), strike him with your sword. The contest will probably end with a mutual slaying.”
The tea master thanked the sword master and went on about his business. The next morning when he went to meet the ronin, he followed the sword master’s advice to the letter. The tea master boldly stood before his opponent, the embodiment of concentration. The ronin, who had previously seen a coward, now faced the personification of bravery. Instead of advancing to attack, the ronin retreated. Cowed with fear inspired by the superior concentration of his adversary, he turned and fled. After standing a while and hearing no shout, the tea master opened his eyes to gaze upon an empty street. 
Setelah membaca dan mengerti isi dari kisah di atas selanjutnya BBIM Friends simak dan dengarkan video berikut ini :

Untuk teks silakan klik logo bertanda kotak surat, klik "aktifkan". Teks yang tertera tidak tampil sempurna, misal narasi video berbunyi :the tea master, tapi di teks tertulis "The tea Astana". Atau the art, tertulis the opt. Jadi BBIM Friends coba dengarkan dengan sungguh-sungguh supaya tidak salah pemahaman.

Narasi pada video di atas berbeda dengan narasi pada teks kutipan, tapi maknanya sama. 

Setelah mendengarkan narasi pada video di atas, dan mampu menangkap kata-kata yang terdapat pada dialog, silakan simak video lengkapnya di sini : The Tea Master and The Swordman 

Kesimpulan dari kisah di atas adalah kata-kata berikut ini : 

Selamat belajar dan temukan keahlianmu 

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