Pelajaran 134 : Adverbial Inversion

Adverbial Inversion / pembalikan adverbial banyak digunakan pada penggunaan Bahasa Ingggris formal dan penulisan. Dalam adverbial inversion kita menggunakan adverbial negatif pada awal kalimat dengan tujuan untuk membuatnya lebih dramatis.

Time adverbial :
  • Never (before), rarely, seldom
  • Barely/hardly/scarcely....when/before
  • No sooner...than
  • Only time, only after
Negative expression :
  • under in / no circumstance...
  • In no way...
Berawalan not :
  • Not a noun
  • not only...but also
  • not until...
Little juga digunakan dalam adverbial inversion dalam arti negatif.

Contoh Kalimat :
  • Never have I encountered such a mess like this.
  • Not only is she a good girl, but she is also a great teacher in my life.
  • No sooner had she locked the door than the phone started ringing.
  • Under no circumstance can you inform them about the changes in our factory.
  • Little does Jim suspect that his brother has been failing all his subject at school.
  • Only after I knowing her, did I realize how important she was in my life.
  • Only if you stop working, will I tell you about the story.
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