Song For Angeline

I uploaded this song to honor Angeline who is now in a better place than the world has ever experienced in her lifetime .
I believe that deep in her body are still children, Angeline is a form of independent souls who have an important role in the whole universe.

I can not give an opinion why Angeline should die that way. I also can not condemn the culprit because the law is still in process.

But the death of Angeline giving message of the universe that the world is in a state of lack of love. Money could mean more than a life.

This is a tragedy that can not be seen only as headlines that will be forgotten in a few months, but a message to all parents in the whole world; give great love for your children. They need it, not only for their growth, but also for the growth of the entire universe.

We do not need another Angeline to make us deeply moved and for a moment back to love, we need a new awareness to better interpret love in life.

Goodbye Angeline, No Tears in heaven.

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