Latihan Soal Belajar Bahasa Inggris Mandiri 9 : Opposite word
Opposite Word / Lawan Kata

Latihan Soal BBIM 9 : Menghafal kata dengan Opposite Word (Lawan Kata)

Mempelajari banyak kata merupakan rutinitas yang harus dilakukan oleh setiap pembelajar bahasa Inggris dengan teratur. Kosa kata perlu untuk terus dipelajari dan dikuasai karena akan ada banyak kata baru yang muncul sesuai dengan perkembangan jaman. Oleh karenanya kita perlu untuk terus mengupdate vocabulary.

Kosa kata bisa dipelajari secara tunggal dan dihafalkan, atau mempelajari persamaan kata atau lawan kata sehingga dengan satu kali baca kita bisa mendapatkan lebih banyak pengetahuan tentang kata. Dan yang lebih efektif adalah mempelajarinya dalam sebuah kalimat.

Mempelajari kosa kata akan lebih berguna jika kita bisa melihat posisi atau peranan kata tersebut dalam sebuah kalimat. Dengan memplajari suatu kata dalam sebuah kalimat maka kita mendapatkan keuntungan pengetahuan akankata tersebut dan juga pemahaman atas keseluruhan kalimat atau frasa. Dan kita telah mempelajari bahwa penguasaan frasa dan kalimat merupakan hal penting untuk bisa lancar berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris.

Di latihan soal berikut ini kita akan mempelajari 40 kalimat yang  mengandung sebuah kosa kata dan juga lawan katannya (opposite word). Silakan kerjakan latihan berikut ini, isi titik-titik dengan lawan kata dari kata yang diketik dengan huruf tebal :
  1. The sky is above. The sea is .....
  2. My son is at the bottom of his form. I used to be at the.....of my form!
  3. The sick girls were absent. The healthy girls were.....
  4. Add 7 and 3 and you have 10. ..... 3 from 7 and you have 4.
  5. A disobediant boy disobeys. An ..... boy obeys his parents. 
  6. The stars are distant from the earth. Solo is ..... Jogjakarta.
  7. A deep river is crossed by swimming. A ..... river is crossed by wading.
  8. Wednesday comes after Tuesday. Wednesday comes ..... Thursday.
  9. I'll point my blunt pencil. Have you got a ..... knife?
  10. If the day before yesterday was Monday. The ..... will be Friday.
  11. It is dangerous to climb a volcano. It is ..... to stay at home.
  12. A careful boy works carefully. A careless boy works .....
  13. A dwarf is very short person. A .... is more than ten feet high.
  14. Have you ever been to Japan? No, I have ..... been there.
  15. Low watter is called ebb. High water is called ....
  16. He entered the room. He said good bye and ..... the room.
  17. I am early, as my watch is fast. I am late, as my watch is .....
  18. Lucky at cards. ..... in love.
  19. We ought to love one another. Don't ..... each other.
  20. I have found the lost jewel. When did you ..... it?
  21. Only one thing is necessary. The other thing are.....
  22. Midnight is the middle of the night. 12 o'clock in the day is .....
  23. Poverty is the same as poorness. ..... is the same as richness.
  24. Push the door, don't pull it. The dentist ..... the tooth out.
  25. Summer is the warmest season. In January it is ..... in England.
  26. A townsman lives in a town. A ..... lives in a village.
  27. My uncle is my father's brother. My ..... is my mother's sister.
  28. I have more money and more friends than Jimmy. Yes, Jimmy has ..... money and ..... friends than you.
  29. Save me from my friends. I can't defend myself against my .....
  30. The teacher spoke in a loud voice. The boy answered in a ..... voice.
  31. I forgot your name. I don't ..... your name.
  32. First I'll finish this book. Then I'll ..... reading that book.
  33. It is cool in the shade. It is ..... in the sunshine.
  34. A daughter is a female child. A ..... is a male child.
  35. Empty vessels make most sound. The cup was .... to the brim.
  36. A square has four equal sides. The sides of the classroom are .....
  37. Everything is expensive. Nothing is .... nowadays.
  38. You have given me a false coin. Here is another a ..... one.
  39. A common year has 365 days. A ..... has 366 days.
  40. I asked him a question. He ..... my question.
 Selamat mengerjakan, dan pelajari keseluruhan frasa dan kalimat pada masing-masing nomer.

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